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Hey, I’m James.  It’s great to meet you!

I’m here to help you start & grow a business photographing models and brands, because you want to work for yourself.  And make more income for you, and the people you love.


But.  I don’t help the way a lot of people or schools do.  I try to create a different experience for you in 4 different ways:

1. I’m going to down size on meaningless jargon, and get straight to the point.  My goal is to teach you and have you making money, in less than half the time a university or trade school would.

2. I’m always going to keep experimenting with new teaching methods, so we can learn together.  For example, I use what I call (Learning Curve Methods), to help you get where you need to be as fast as possible. 

3. I’m only going to teach you things I’ve done successfully, but I’ll also share my failed attempts (for you to learn what not to do). 

4. I have read well over 1,000 books in my lifetime.  To save you time and money, I will be sending you my weekly business notes.  To keep you sharp, and ahead of everyone else.

 Sooo, What’s the next step you want to take to build or grow your photography business?

Choose your next step…

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